Welcome to the UPC Remote Sensing Laboratory website!

The Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSLab) is part of the Electromagnetics & Photonics Engineering Group (EEF), which belongs to the Signal Theory and Communications Department (TSC) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). The RSLab is organized in three lines, Active Remote Sensing, Passive Remote Sensing, and Optical Remote Sensing, each with their own staff and resources.


Research Areas 

  •     SAR processing
  •     SAR Interferometry
  •     SAR Polarimetry
  •     Scatterometer
  •     Synthetic aperture radiometry
  •     Interferometric radiometry
  •     Polarimetric radiometry
  •     Elastic/Raman/Doppler Lidar (laser radar) remote sensing
  •     Lidar processing and inversion
  •     Lidar instrument design