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Research lines



ESA SMOS mission

  • MIRAS instrument performance analysis, calibration and image reconstruction
  • Field experiments for sea and soil emission determination
  • L-band numerical emission models and geophysical parameters retrieval algorithms
  • SMOS End-to-end Performance Simulator (SEPS)





The Passive Advanced Unit (PAU)

  • PAU-RAD: a new type of pseudo-correlation L-band radiometer to measure the brightness temperature of the sea surface,
  • PAU-GNSS-R: a GPS-reflectometer to measure the sea state, and
  • PAU-IR: an IR radiometer to measure the sea surface temperature.



RFI-countermeasures for GNSS/GNSS-R and microwave radiometry

  • FENIX - Front-End GNSS Interference eXcisor
  • L-band Radiometer-based detector for RFI Observations
  • RFI mitigation based on Multiresolution Fourier Transform
  • Robust Tracking System




  • The MERITXELL radiometer
  • WINTER-F experiment
  • Doppler-delay radiometry
  • Polarimetric radiometry of rain events