Infraestructura de Red Sostenible para la Futura Sociedad Digital

Sustainable Network Infrastructure Enabling the Future Digital Society (SUNSET)

Referencia: TEC2014-59583-C2-1-R

The Project SUNSET has the key objective to overcome the bottlenecks of current transport networks, providing effective network solutions for the future Digital Society and paving the way toward innovative ICT services “on the cloud”. These services will favor their sustainable utilization by nowadays’ major economic sectors, leveraging their competiveness through next‐generation cloud services. More specifically, SUNSET proposes a novel network architecture including access/metro network segments, as well as the intra‐data center network, thanks to the deployment of advanced optical technologies governed and orchestrated from Software‐Defined Network(SDN)‐enabled control/management planes. SUNSET targets the seamless integration of the aforementioned optical transport and control/management technologies to improve the end‐to‐end network performance, while achieving the joint management and automation of network and IT (data center) resources in a scalable way. In the SUNSET multitechnology network scenario, an effective and dynamic allocation of traffic loads will be performed, always ensuring a high utilization of the underlying network and IT resources.

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