Teamwork Background

During the last 10 years, the researchers of the GCO groups participating in SUNSET have been involved in a significant number of European (FP6 and FP7) and Spanish national projects. Moreover, they have established research collaborations with leading reasearch groups in the telecom/data centre sector. Among them:

  • European research projects of the FP7: COSIGN (active), LIGHTNESS (active), PRISTINE (active), EULER, STRONGEST, DICONET, NoE BONE
  • European research projects of the FP6: NOBEL 2, NoE ePhoton/One+, NOBEL, etc.
  • National projects: ELASTIC (TEC2011-27310), ENGINE (TEC2008-02634), etc.

Besides, SUNSET members have authored a long publication record in leading JCR-ranked journals and magazines on the topics related to SUNSET.

last updated: Jun-2015
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