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3a Escola d´Estiu de la xarxa TARGET, ´Linear Power Amplifer Design & Wireless Systems´, 24 - 27 de juliol de 2006

3a Escola d'Estiu de la xarxa TARGET, 'Linear Power Amplifer Design & Wireless Systems', 24 - 27 de juliol de 2006


"Linear Power Amplifer Design & Wireless Systems”

TARGET -"Top Amplifier Research Groups in a European Team"-, is a Network of Excellence- (NoE) started in the 6th Framework Programme, and supported by the Information Society Technologies Programme of the EU under contract IST-1-507893-NOE ( The consortium TARGET is composed by top European enterprises, research centers and universities which aim to research and develop highly linear power amplifiers for RF and microwave applications. This subject is specially relevant in mobile transmitters, as well as in battery or solar cell powered ones. Linearity means to have good in-band signal quality and reduced out-of-band emission, but the counterpart is battery time-of-life (power consumption). Hence, it is a trade-off between linearity and efficiency which has to be evaluated and solved in every design. Solutions cover a huge set of possibilities and circuit structures, which cover from analog to DSP-based solutions.

This Summer School, with lecturers from 12 institutions of 7 different European countries, continues the successful TARGET school series with a four-day event offering intensive courses on high level topics on advanced linear power amplifier (PA) design. As a contrast to last TARGET Winter School which focused on semiconductor materials and devices, the attention is paid to circuits and systems. The main objectives of this Summer School are to give a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art of linear PA design and to give a thorough understanding of the underlying operating principles in theory and to complement the gained knowledge by talks on implementation issues and by practical sessions with hands-on experience. Attendees will be able to listen to lectures related to advanced linear PA design presented by top experts in the field. The group of presenters is completed by a few advanced Ph.D. students who will mainly be active in the practical sessions. The programme has been designed presuming attendees with expertise at a certain design level (materials, circuits, systems, measurements, models...) but without proficiency at deeper levels, where only a general and basic knowledge is assumed. However, some basic issues on microwave amplifiers design, such as biasing or impedance matching, are assumed to be already known from pre-graduate courses. The Summer School brings together students and lecturers as well as other researchers and professionals who are interested in PA specification, modelling, design and linearisation. Practical sessions will provide courses on device modelling and behavioural modelling and a basic measurement course which intentionally contrasts and complements other instrumentation courses usually offered at relevant microwave conferences.


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