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Doctoral thesis defense – RAFAEL PEREA ROBLES
Thesis Title: "Novel transversal topologies and coupled resonator configurations for acoustic wave filters"
Doctoral thesis defense – MARCOS PAULO ARAUJO DA SILVA
Thesis Title: "Remote sensing for atmospheric observation and wind energy: over-land boundary layer and off-shore atmospheric stability"
Doctoral thesis defense – ANDREU SALCEDO BOSCH
Thesis Title: " Artificial intelligence, lidar and co-operative remote sensing for atmospheric observation and off-shore wind energy "
Doctoral thesis defense – ROLANDO GUERRA GOMEZ
Thesis Title: "Radio Access Network Optimization with Proactive Resource Management for 5G and Beyond."
Doctoral thesis defense – MASSIMILIANO MAULE
Thesis Title: " Dynamic Resource Optimization and Orchestration Techniques for 5G New Radio and Beyond "
Doctoral thesis defense – JORGE NICOLÁS ÁLVAREZ
Thesis Title: " Interferometric Orbit Determination for Geosynchronous Earth Sensing Missions "
Doctoral thesis defense – POOYAN SAFARI
Thesis Title: " Unsupervised and attention approaches for deep learning speaker recognition "
Doctoral thesis defense – POOYAN SAFARI
Thesis Title: " Unsupervised and attention approaches for deep learning speaker recognition "
Thesis Title: " Cloud-native orchestration and automation for disaggregated networks "
Doctoral thesis defense – POL ALEMANY PRATS
Thesis Title: " Quality of service, security and trustworthiness for network slices "
Lectures by Prof. Massimiliano Porreca from the University of Perugia
Prof. Massimiliano Porreca, from the University of Perugia, will hold two conferences on Monday, March 13, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Tele-ensenyament Room (B3).
Doctoral thesis defense – ALBERT MOSELLA MONTORO
Thesis Title: " Graph convolutional neural networks for 3D data analysis "
Doctoral thesis defense – MARTA GONZÁLEZ RODRÍGUEZ
Thesis Title: " Nonlinear modeling and characterization of SAW devices for communications systems. "
Doctoral thesis defense – IOANNIS SARRIGIANNIS
Thesis Title: " SFC Placement and Lifecycle Management in Edge-enabled 5G Architectures "
Doctoral thesis defense – IVAN ZHOU
Thesis Title: " Technologies for injection molded antennas for mass production "
Doctoral thesis defense – JORDI BORRÀS PINO
Thesis Title: " Opportunistic communications in large uncoordinated networks "
Doctoral thesis defense – FAEZEH ZARRINKHAT
Thesis Title: " Bio-Sensing Applications of Electromagnetic Scattering from Spheroidal Objects "
Doctoral thesis defense – MIQUEL ANGEL INDIA MASSANA
Thesis Title: " Deep learning methods for speaker verification and diarization "
Doctoral thesis defense – LUIS FERNANDO SALGUEIRO ROMERO
Thesis Title: " Super-resolution and semantic segmentation of remote sensing images using deep learning techniques "
Doctoral thesis defense – PATRICK KRKOTIC
Thesis Title: " Evaluation of the Surface Impedance of ReBCO Coated Conductors and Requirements fot Their Use as Beam Screen Materials for the FCC-hh "
Doctoral thesis defence - CHRISTOPH JOSEF HERBERT
Thesis title : Advanced methods for earth observation data synergy for geophysical parameter retrieval. Autor: CHRISTOPH JOSEF HERBERT
Doctoral thesis defence - EDUARD RAMON MALDONADO
Title of the thesis: "Few-shot 3D reconstruction of body parts with deep neural networks" Autor: Sr. EDUARD RAMON MALDONADO
Doctoral thesis defense – Roselena Rubino
Title of the thesis: "Deriving vertical total electron content maps from SMOS full polarimetric data to compensate the Faraday rotation effect" Author: Sra. Roselena RUBINO
Lectura Tesi Doctoral - Christian Ballesteros Sánchez
Títol de la tesi: "Mobile 5G Millimeter-wave multi-antenna systems" Autor: Sr. Christian BALLESTEROS SÁNCHEZ
Lectura Tesi Doctoral - AMANDA CARDOSO DUARTE
Títol de la tesi: "Data and methods for a visual understanding of sign languages" Autora: Sra. AMANDA CARDOSO DUARTE
Lectura Tesi Doctoral - SEN DU
Títol de la tesi: "Three dimensional temporal-spatial model based SAR algorithms for monitoring large gradient deformations in mining area" Autor: Sr. SEN DU
Lectura Tesi Doctoral - IRENE VILÀ MUÑOZ
Títol de la tesi: "Contribution to the modelling and evaluation of radio network slicing solutions in 5G" Autora: Sra. IRENE VILÀ MUÑOZ
Títol de la tesi: "Learning multilingual and multimodal representations with language-specific encoders and decoders for Machine translation" Autor: Sr. CARLOS ESCOLANO PEINADO
Lectura Tesi Doctoral - FABIANO LOCATELLI
Títol de la tesi: "Study and application of spectral monitoring techniques for optical network optimization" Autor: Sr. FABIANO LOCATELLI
Títol de la tesi: "Allocation designs for massive multiple access with interference cancellation" Autor: Sr. Francesc Molina Oliveras