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The UAS-CoRa Group was born in 1999 (ancient HAPs/LAPs Group name) under the initiative of a team of Professors of the Department of Signal Theory and Communications. Research activities of the UAS-CoRa Group are organized in two research lines on Unmanned Aircraft System Radio communications & Cognitive Radio.The Group deals with innovation and developing technologies which aim is to make more sophisticated, reliable, and efficient the aeronautical and wireless communications systems operating nowadays and near future.

Research Areas

  • Spectrum requirements for UAS radio communications
  • UAS(aeronautical/balloons platforms) Radio Frequency technologies in DL, Payloads, S&A, ATC, ...
  • Analysis of Characteristics of UAS and spectrum requirements to support their safe and secure operations in non-segregated airspace
  • Channel modeling for UAS (HAPS) radio communications
  • Propagation Mitigation Techniques for UAS radio communications
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access
  • Physical Layer Issues of Advanced Radio communications Systems
  • Simulations of Radio communications Systems (Baseband Performance Analysis)
  • Co-existence of Radio communications Services

Main Contact

Delgado Penin, Jose A.; Bertran Alberti, Eduardo

More information

UAS-CoRa Radio communications Group web site